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The Inauguration Ceremony of the Alliance of Specialty Industry Colleges and Release Conference of "Liuzhi Jiangziluo” Successfully Held

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From News Website(Reported by Wei Liuyu, from Liuzhou Luosifen Industry College, and Luo Shihua, from Publicity Department of Party Committee. Photo by DaTong News Agency) On June 18, the inauguration ceremony of the Alliance of Specialty Industry Colleges led by our university and the release conference of our own brand "Liuzhi Jiangziluo" was held in the Multifunctional Hall of Liuzhou Luosifen Industry College.

The inauguration ceremony of the Alliance of Specialty Industry Colleges was hosted by He Zhizhong, Director of Science and Technology Development and University-Enterprise Cooperation of our university. Leaders from local specialty industry colleges, Dai Weihui, Professor and doctoral supervisor of Fudan University, Chen Jingqian, Associate Professor of School of Language and Communication of Beijing Jiaotong University, Gan Jinming, Wang Wei, Qu Fan, Ju Hongxia and Li Shanwen, leaders of our university, as well as representatives of teachers from relevant departments of our university, representatives of local specialty industry colleges and media reporters attended the inauguration ceremony.

President Gan Jinming said in his speech that the establishment of the "Alliance of Specialty Industry Colleges" led by our university is of far-reaching significance in promoting cross-regional enterprises, universities and research institutes cooperation of specialty school alliances, and is an important measure to explore new paths and new modes of vocational education development. As the founding unit of the "Alliance of Specialty Industry Colleges”, our university will take the establishment of the Alliance as an opportunity to exchange experience in running schools with all members of the Alliance, adhere to the development of specialty together with all members of the Alliance, deepen cooperation and exchange, build a cooperative platform for sharing resources, complementing advantages and collaborative development of specialty industries, play the role of "Strengths drives weaknesses" of local specialty industrial colleges, jointly promote local special industrial colleges to be stronger and better, and promote the high-quality development of local specialty industries.

During the ceremony, Chen Fang, President of Liuzhou Luosifen Industry College, Wang Zhongqiu, Vice President of Qianjiang Lobster College of Jianghan Arts Vocational College, and Ding Bailian, Director of Quality Development Center of Pingjiang County Vocational and Technical School, made keynote speeches entitled "Collaborative Innovation Mechanism and Mode of Higher Vocational Education and Liuzhou Luosifen Industry Development", "Industry College Model Exploration of online influencer "Qianjiang Lobster College", and "Based on the Development of Vocational Education in Specialty Industries, the Road of online influencer Latiao" respectively.

 In order to have a deeper understanding for better communication, the ceremony also set up an exhibition area where all the member units of the Alliance and the executive director of the Liuzhou Luosifen Industry College were displayed in a comprehensive manner. Of most interest were the automated production line for outer packaging of Luosifen and the robot for cooking displayed by the host Liuzhou Luosifen Industry College. Automated production line for outer packaging is jointly researched and developed by Liuzhou Luosifen Industry College and Guangxi Zhongliu Food Technology Co.Ltd., this project focuses on the pain point of current Luosifen production enterprises and aims to solve the problem of external packaging, which currently employs the largest size of workers, has the highest labor cost and the lowest work efficiency in Luosifen production enterprises. The full name of the cooking robot is “Intelligent Integrated machine for cooking and selling Luosifen unmanned”, which is jointly researched and developed by the Liuzhou Luosifen Industry College and Guangxi Nawei Technology Co., Ltd., and the highlight is “Cooking a bowl of delicious Luosifen only need two minutes”, which meets the demand for convenience food in today's fast-paced life.

On that day, the Luosifen cooked by the robot was the product of Liuzhou Luosifen Industry College's own brand "Liuzhi Jiangziluo". The Luosifen was officially launched on the same day by the President of the Liuzhou Luosifen Industry College in the presence of all Alliance members. “Liuzhi Jiangziluo" has brewing-type products, beside the features of "fast cooking" and "attractive smell, authentic taste", the product also has three major differences with other brands on the market: first, this product was developed for "celebration", General Secretary Xi Jinping paid a visit to Liuzhou on 26 April and pointed out that the traditional snack, Liuzhou Luosife need to take the branding path of high-quality development. The general secretary's concern has pointed out the direction for the development of Liuzhou Luosifen industry. The words of "Transforming the traditional snack into a huge industry” , "Controlling the quality and safety, promoting branding and standardization" and "high-quality development" on the outer packaging of "Liuzhi Jiangziluo” have witnessed the general secretary's high evaluation and expectation for Liuzhou Luosifen industry, this is also the driving force for all employees of Liuzhou Luosifen industry to adhere to the development of local specialty industries, which is worthy of commemoration and celebration. Secondly, the two cartoon characters of elegant "Da Jiang" and the intellectual "A Zi" on the outer packaging are just the presentation of the image of the teacher in a caricature style. The blackboard behind and the text all over the screen show the unique college style. The school's brand is made on their own; all the designs are produced by the ingenuity of teachers of Liuzhi Art College. Third, this is a Luosifen with theme music. Scanning the QR code of the outer package, you can hear the exclusive music of "Liuzhi Jiangziluo" - “the taste of happiness”. Listen to a song called "the taste of happiness" and enjoy a bowl of Luosifen of "Liuzhi Jiangziluo". In the song, the Luosifen turns into your lover. What you taste is not only the taste, but also happiness. "The taste of happiness" is a song written by Li Yiming, a famous musician in Guangxi, which belongs to Liuzhou Luosifen. The best part of this song is not only the melody but also the time. The time to listen to a song is just the time to brew a bowl of Luosifen. When the song is finished, Luosifen is ready. Time is so precious, and after listening to a song, everything is just right, just like the taste of happiness. Even a small bowl of Luosifen is made with the heart of a craftsman, which is a clear embodiment of the "craftsman of Liuzhi" culture of “Ingenuity oriented and produce artwork of ingenuity” advocated by Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College.

During this period, Liuzhou Luosifen industry college also showed the daily use of live studio and sound stage to the guests. The live studio, sound stage and other training venues played an important role in personnel training of Liuzhou Luosifen industry .


The founding ceremony of the Alliance


The inauguration ceremony of the specialty industry alliance


Unveiling Ceremony of Alliance member units


President Gan Jinming gives speech


Chen Fang, president of Liuzhou Luosifen Industry College presents a keynote sharing


Wang Zhongqiu, Vice President of Qianjiang Lobster College of Jianghan Arts Vocational College presents a keynote sharing202106281141119294.png

Ding Bailian, Director of Quality Development Center of Pingjiang Vocational and Technical School presents a keynote sharing


The guests visit automated production line for outer packaging


Cooking Robot


Liuzhi Liuzhou Luosifen self owned brand "Liuzhi Jiangziluo" released


Liuzhi Liuzhou Luosifen self owned brand "Liuzhi Jiangziluo"


The students having a live rehearsal


Product advertising shooting

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